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It's plural for Tinius, because we said so.

The Beginning. By:Allison


For our very first post on our very first joint blog, we could tell you all about ourselves (or you could read our “About Me”). We could tell you all about the boat we bought and plan to live on for a year (that’s a whole post of it’s own and a ridiculous story). We could tell you about our jobs (that’s lame even though the jobs aren’t), or where we’ve traveled (that’s pretentious), or where we’re from (one guess, Roll Tide).

Instead, I thought we’d compare our bucket lists. Hopefully, by the time we are old and grey, and “blogs” are things we did back in the good ‘ol days…all these things will be memories instead of hopes and this old fashioned blog will be fun to look back on.

Josh’s Bucket List

  • See the gorillas in central africa
  • Learn to play the saxophone (all good music has a saxophone)
  • Own my own business
  • Learn Swahili
  • Adopt children
  • See Angkor Wat
  • Sail across the Atlantic Ocean
  • Live on hundreds of acres with my friends and live off the land

Allison’s Bucket List

  • Travel to lots of places (Morocco, Turkey, Cambodia, Ethiopia to name a few)
  • Adopt kids
  • Learn another language
  • Buy a bunch of property with friends/family
  • Have a successful garden
  • Learn to quilt and make at least ONE finished one
  • Play the banjo
  • See the gorillas in central africa
  • Have a horse
  • Write a children’s book

2 thoughts on “The Beginning. By:Allison

  1. Your bucket lists are delightful. Somehow we are going to have to figure out how to make our commune work. You want out in the middle of nowhere and I (as well as Savannah) want to be in the middle of society (i.e. East Nashville). How can we make us all happy. We must figure this out. Excited you’re finally blogging!

  2. I like your bucket lists, too! You can make a quilts of the Angkor Wat while traveling to central Africa to learn Swahili. Josh can sell them to fund starting a business to make bluejazz (what type of music I imagine a banjo and saxaphone would make together) the new rage. The money from that will fund the rest – property – kids – travel

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