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New Year’s…Bah-humbug. By:Allison

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I don’t have a great attitude about New Year’s. It just never lives up to expectations. Everyone wants to get dressed up (except my husband) and have a magical night. The problem is, I’m tired from Christmas and I’m a little sad that’s over and I don’t like winter much and BAH HUMBUG. So last minute, we try to scrape some plans together that are never overly exciting. Josh and I don’t do PDA either so for years there was no magical midnight kiss but we sort of feel like we HAVE to because our friends are judging the heck out of our marriage if we don’t. So even that is BAH HUMBUG.

Then there are resolutions. Ugh. Years ago, I fell for it. I was going to lose 20 pounds and workout for an hour every day while simultaneously reading my bible and learning to quilt. Let’s call resolutions what they are….bullshit. You can have all the grand plans you want for the year, but ultimately life happens and who knows where you’re gonna end up! Over the years my resolutions got more manageable until they just became a joke. “I’m going to work out…weekly..occasionally…at some point this year I’ll break a sweat.” Why bother?

Which brings me to this New Year. I actually liked it. My “little” brother and his girlfriend were in town.

Look how cute we were. There were only like 8 years of his life when he was actually my little brother. Then somehow he got ALL the tall genes in the family and outgrew me quickly. Also I don't know why we look fake shocked.

Look how cute we were. There were only like 8 years of his life when he was actually my little brother. Then somehow he got ALL the tall genes in the family and outgrew me quickly. Also I don’t know why we look fake shocked.

So, this is not from New Years because I didn’t take any pictures in true Bah Humbug fashion. See what I mean about him outgrowing me? Also, how cute is his girlfriend? So cute! And I don’t know what’s wrong with my husband. We all look normal…then there’s him.

We started early playing dirty card games at The Village Pub, grabbed pizza, napped and watched football, and then walked downtown to watch the “Music Note Drop” (Oh, Nashville).

Here’s the thing…it was cold and raining. So Josh dropped us off and we walked downtown while he parked. We huddled up in a candy store waiting for Josh.

Side Story: Once Josh got there these three high school (ish) girls asked Josh if they could use his phone because theirs died. Of course, he didn’t care, but it’s weird. People ask him this ALL THE TIME. There was another group of girls about their age there and it seems that they would have asked them. I had been standing there in front of them for like 15 minutes, but they didn’t ask me. They weren’t flirting with him AT ALL. In fact they were flirting with some other guys their age. Seriously people ask to use Josh’s phone quite often. What is it that makes him look like…A) He has a phone that isn’t dead B)He won’t be weirded out C)He’s not going to rape/murder you? I love him and all, but he’s got long hair and pierced ears and wears hoodies. Strange.

Back to New Years. Right before the big moment we walked outside and did the obligatory countdown. It was pouring! About two seconds after the fireworks finished we were over it. We started walking back to the car…in East Nashville…like 1.5 miles…in the rain..and cold. We should have all been in the worst moods, but we weren’t! We were laughing about the ridiculousness of it all.

That night has led me to my Anti-Resolution. Crap is gonna happen this year. Who knows what kind. I’m just going to try and wake up in the morning and make the best of it all and hopefully when 2014 rolls around I’ll be a better person. That’s my vague sort of resolution/anti-resolution.

Last thing…2013 sounds straight up like the future. Why don’t we have flying shit?

One thought on “New Year’s…Bah-humbug. By:Allison

  1. It was the WARRIOR dash,,, Sorry you guys dont know how to look like warriors!- Josh

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