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An Alabama Easter By:Allison

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For Easter, Josh and I spent some time in Alabama since Catholic Charities gives us a lot of time off during that week. I can’t say enough good things about where I grew up. It’s heaven. There’s acres and acres of woods, creeks, and ponds. Our friend, Klint, came down as well and on Saturday we honestly spent the entire day outdoors except for lunch.

The weekend began with meeting this adorable little nugget…Scout. Technically she’s



my puppy-niece and she’s stinking cute. Saturday, we woke up ate breakfast and immediately went fishing. Of course, I was the only one who caught nothing. I could literally see the fish giving my bait the middle finger while practically jumping into everyone else’s arms. I switched to a jelly worm and finally got a bite only to lose the fish. I gave up. I basically opted to run errands for everyone and drive the mule around while also playing with Scout. It was a little upsetting, but I recovered.


Making the floating nonsense

Next, in true Alabama fashion we had to blow something up. We had some tannerite to shoot, so we (being the boys) made up this contraption. It. Took. Forever. They planned and schemed how to get the ultimate show. Basically they wanted something to float out in the pond. This required finding flotation devices, then finding something to make a platform out of that wouldn’t sink said flotation devices, then finding that last little touch of something to make it more fun. In this case, the last little something was yard art in the form of a frog. The explosion was fun and all, but I think the time put into creating it was more fun in the end.

Taking the contraption out to meet its doom.

Taking the contraption out to meet its doom.






So the day and really the entire weekend involved a lot of cute dogs, shooting guns, fishing, frying up those fish, and hanging out with family. That is pretty much my idea of perfection!

Straight craziness.

Straight craziness.








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