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That blog about why you haven’t blogged. By:Allison


I read a lot of blogs and inevitably every one has a post that starts out, “Wow, I haven’t blogged in awhile.” Then the author proceeds to list excuses as to why they haven’t blogged. 

Yeah, we moved out of our Joyce Lane Farms house.

So what? The shipping of our boat got pushed back several weeks.

Who cares that I am in a wedding in two days and my in laws who we are living with move out of their house in four?

Honest moment here. Yes, we’ve been busy but I’ve managed to watch one season of Monk, half a season of The Fringe, and most of season one of Felicity.

So, I have no excuses other than nothing interesting enough to blog about has happened unless you want my commentary on Felicity (awkward sums it up).

Good news is that our boat will be in South Carolina by Monday! Say a prayer that the shipping goes smoothly and the engine starts without too much work (our engine stresses me out all the time). I’m not kidding. Pray. Right now.

In other good news – our boat is officially being renamed Willy. As in One Eyed Willy from The Goonies. None of those cheesy yacht names here. And yes, Josh has a pirate hat and a real pirate sword. Be on the lookout for a boat named Willy captained by an adult dressed like a pirate shouting, “Goonies never say die” while we almost die about a million times because we don’t really know what we’re doing with a 30 foot sailboat.

Fun times.

2 thoughts on “That blog about why you haven’t blogged. By:Allison

  1. Now I’m going to start thinking of you guys being out on a “yacht.” The life of leisure, right? Actually, I’ve been calling you The Skipper and Gilligan in my mind for a while now…I’ll let you guess who is who. Can’t believe you’re finally going. Don’t forget to blog about all those moments when you want to kill each other!

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