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We have the best friends – By:Allison

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So, as most of you know in August we will be moving to Haiti to work with New Hope Haiti Mission for the school year. We are going to be working with a family called the Salvants in Port Au Prince.

We haven’t even left yet and our amazing friends are already behind us and New Hope Haiti Mission 110%. We met the girls from Oh So Pretty through our church, The Eden Gate, in Nashville. They’re blog is pretty amazing … I bet you’ve seen their projects or hair do ideas on Pinterst a few times. Anyway, these girls have moved into our house (which we have endearingly named Joyce Lane Farms ever since we got chickens) while we are away. It took a huge weight off our shoulders when we knew these awesome friends would be living in our house, along with our other equally amazing friend, Grace. They could have stopped there, but no. These friends dig through mail to find important stuff, they send us chicken updates, and love on our elderly neighbors for us. Plus, they are doing a fundraiser on their blog for New Hope Haiti Mission! Top notch friends, I tell you.

Running an orphanage in Haiti is no inexpensive task. Check out their fundraiser and if you feel led, consider helping out!


One thought on “We have the best friends – By:Allison

  1. Gosh we sure like you guys 🙂

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