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A blog about nothing- Josh

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Before we left on the boat Allison and I hit up the Used DVD and bookstore.  Allison and I have a tendency to get addicted to shows and spend way too much time watching entire seasons in a matter of days.  So instead of going for the nail biters like Breaking Bad or Mad Men we decided to go more in the classic sitcom direction.  We got shows like Cheers, Friends, Mash, and Seinfeld.  Believe it or not, I have never really watched Seinfeld.  It was on sometimes, but always just in the background.  Now that I have actually watched it, it seems to apply to every aspect of my life.

Like my wallet…


Just like George Costanza’s exploding wallet episode.

Then the other day we were getting Cuban food and I started drinking soda through a straw.  It was kind of like when Elaine started eating Snickers with a knife and fork because she saw her boss doing it.


I kinda like drinking soda through a straw…

And don’t even get me started on the shrinkage episode…

One thought on “A blog about nothing- Josh

  1. I had a case where the patient threatened her Dr. She requested that we (the work comp insurance company) give her another one. The state dept of labor ordered us to give her another dr . Try finding a dr who will treat a woman after he reads in her prior records that she threatened to kill her previous Dr. Just like the episode where Elaine’s dr wrote in her records that she was a “difficult” patient.
    Loved your marriage advise about not marrying an asshole. My brother commented that it should be in the Bible. We miss you guys. Love, terry hill

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