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Quick Update

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Moving off of a boat is hard work. Moving off of a boat and into your parents house is hard work too. Moving a boat full of stuff into a house, then into four 50 lb bags + 4 carry ons is just ridiculous.

That pretty much sums up the lack of blogging.

After moving off of Willy, we stayed with my parents in Alabama for just over week before we flew off to Haiti.

People kept asking if we were excited/nervous/etc and we were just too busy to process any real emotion. We had to pack and clean the boat, organize all our stuff, and then repack it into four 50lb bags. Talk about downsizing. Honestly, I was pretty curious to fly out of Dothan! I’d never flown from my hometown’s airport so that was a pretty strange experience. There were only two TSA employees and of course at 4am we were disoriented enough to hold everyone up. Josh had packed his guitar full of Clif bars and Fig Newtons so they had to check that out. “I don’t know much about guitars but that looks weird,” the TSA lady laughed as she opened his guitar case.  Besides checking out our awesome packing techniques, they had to check  Josh and my Target bag of red tag candles for explosives. Then I forgot to take my laptop out of my bag. Pretty sure everyone hated us.

The flight to Haiti was quick and uneventful…which is what every flight should be.

Once we arrived things were much less chaotic than the last time we were here (which was Easter of 2010). The airport has been redone and we got all our luggage quickly and easily.

April was there waiting for us and I’d stalked her enough via social media that I felt like I was meeting a friend – not someone I’d never met with whom I was going to be living for the next 9 months. In retrospect that should have been more nerve wracking. What if she’d been a weirdo and we were stuck with her?

Luckily, we’ve fit right into life in the Salvant house. The kids are pretty much amazing. Each of them have such fun, unique personalities and so far we see promise in a few as amazing Nertz players.

April and Scott have a home that’s really easy to feel … well … at home in. Here’s hoping we haven’t made ourselves TOO at home.

We’ve also met the kids at New Hope a few times. I’m really looking forward to getting to know them all better. I think once the school year gets started we’ll be spending more time over there hanging out!

Speaking of the school year, we’re going to be starting this week so say a prayer…the Salvants have entrusted their children to The Tinii….

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  1. I really miss you guys. Good luck. Roll tide!!

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