The Tinii

It's plural for Tinius, because we said so.

A Kitchen Conversation

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“What’s that smell?” -April

“It’s the meat I just put on the stove. It smells bad, right?” -Allison

“Uh, yeah. That happens sometimes.” -April

“Should I throw it away?” -Allison

“I’m not sure” -April

“Hey, Josh come smell this meat.” – Allison

“That smells like seafood.” – Josh

“Should I throw it out?” – Allison

“No! Don’t waste that!” – Josh

“Maybe if I cook it long enough it won’t make us sick. I mean, it sort of smells like when you slaughter a deer in a stuffy garage.” – Allison

“It happens and sometimes we eat it. We take meds for worms every few months anyway.” – April

“Well, I’m cooking my pasta in the sink water instead of the filtered stuff so if we get sick we just won’t be sure what it was and I won’t kick myself for eating this meat.” – Allison


FYI….we ate the meat and didn’t get sick. I’m going with the “it’s so fresh it smells like a newly slaughtered deer” theory.

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