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Life in Haiti (slash I AM AWESOME AT FANTASY FOOTBALL) – By:Allison

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We’ve sort of gotten into a groove here which is nice.

Clearly in a groove.

School started a few weeks ago and is going really well. We teach the Salvant kids so Scott and April can do super fun things like fight Port-Au-Prince traffic, keep generators running, and help raise 21 kids in addition to their own. Scott and April are the executive directors of New Hope Haiti Mission which is an orphanage right down the street. There are 21 kids and they’ve all been there a long time. New Hope is definitely home to these kids. It’s a cool vibe. Since it’s right down the street the kids show up here sometimes or you pass them in the neighborhood and there is a log of coming and go from the orphanage all the time. We run over to borrow eggs or watch this weird version of Haitian American Idol (with only children and these really weird clowns in the background…in fact one clown IS a child who always falls asleep on stage. Maybe it’s her shtick?). It reminds me of Joyce Lane Farms (our neighborhood in Nashville) but with more stray dogs, roadside stands, less partying, and a lot more kids.


Hanging out on the roof.

So while Scott and April are doing long, slow, hard work in the community…we teach their kids and help out where we can. School is going really well. The kids are pretty much amazing. They’re all really mature and super interesting. Honestly, each of them is really fun to hang out with. So far we like a lot of the same things, such as Dr.Quinn and hot sauce (seriously the amount of hot sauce between our two houses is on the verge of being out of control).




Science with Josh.


View from the roof.


Our house!

Josh is going to start teaching guitar to some kids at New Hope today. Hopefully, with the school year in full swing we’ll be doing more at the orphanage and getting to know those kids better. We’re slowly getting the courage to drive in this INSANE traffic which will definitely make us more helpful than we are now! Josh will be fine dodging motorcycles and squeezing into traffic jams. I, on the other hand, am an extremely non-agressive driver so we’ll see how that plays out…

In other news, we’re in a fantasy football league for the first time ever and it consumes a significant portion of our lives right now. All you need to know about it, is that I am pretty much awesome and I am the only undefeated team. I need to publish this post asap though or that statement may no longer be true.

One thought on “Life in Haiti (slash I AM AWESOME AT FANTASY FOOTBALL) – By:Allison

  1. This post warmed my heart so much! First, loved the shout out to JLF 🙂 Second, looks like y’all are having so much fun. Miss you guys sooo much, but happy you’re getting settled in and you’re having a good time. You guys are awesome! And can we say praise the Lord for Voxer?!?!

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