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Updating My Resume – By:Allison

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Since we will be moving back to Nashville soon (back to Joyce Lane Farms to be exact), it’s time to start updating the old resume. It’s weird looking for jobs because I feel like I’ve developed a lot of skills and I’m not sure what kind of job they’d apply to or how to put them in a resume. Prior to this year I’ve worked retail, been a radio DJ, babysat, done summer orientation at Belmont, and ran afterschool programs for refugees. Those jobs alone gave me a strange skill set (I can talk a lot – esp. to humans between the ages of 0-18, can curse in many languages, and problem solve LIKE A CHAMP). This year has only added to the uniqueness of my experiences. After working non-profit, living on a sailboat, and teaching in Haiti I sort of want to just work in the garden department at Home Depot. There’s something appealing about being surrounded by flowers and being able to leave work at work. However, Josh and I want to start the adoption process at some point before we’re fifty which means we need to make some money!

So, back to the resume….since I don’t really have a dream job in mind, I’m asking YOU guys what I should be looking for and if you know of anything. Here’s my updated skill set:

  • Understands the inner workings of an Atomic 4 Engine
  • Good at creating imitation American food with limited resources (particularly good at making fast-food-like chicken patties)
  • Familiar with the slaughtering of chickens
  • Really good at walking the fine line of wearing as little clothing as possible in order to remain cool and wearing as much clothing as possible to avoid mosquitoes
  • In depth knowledge of tides, moon phases, and currents.
  • Immune to waking due to five million neighborhood roosters crowing
  • EXCELLENT at avoiding 2 foot deep “potholes”, goats, cows, pigs and all manner of animal life while driving
  • Can successfully lose and recover a really expensive anchor without killing husband in the process
  • Good bathing in rivers with alligators (aka quickly)
  • Proficient in SeaClear, NOAA charts, and Haiti Neighborhood Navigation (aka following your gut)
  • Excellent at using coconuts and mangoes in recipes
  • Champion Nertz, Settlers of Catan, and Ticket to Ride player
  • Immune to horrid smells (i.e. rotting meat, dead fish, sulfur, mounds of rotting fruit, and dead bodies)
  • Proficient in fiber glass repair, solar panel set up, spaghetti-like boat wiring, boat upholstery, fixing fans while in a state of desperation and perspiration, and all manner of odd jobs.

So there you have it. Feel free to pass this resume along and contact me with any questions 🙂


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