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It's plural for Tinius, because we said so.

The Plan or Lack Thereof – By:Allison

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Well, The Tinii are on the move again.

In May we finished up our time with New Hope Haiti Mission. After quite a few teary goodbyes, we hopped on a plane back to the land of hot showers and overpriced cocktails. The days of $2 Rum Punches, beaches, and sitting in traffic for hours on end are behind us. It’s bittersweet.

“So what now?” you might ask. Well, we’re asking the same thing. We aren’t coming back to any solid plans or jobs. The primary reason for moving back is to save up money to adopt in the near future. The one thing we know for sure we’re coming back to is Joyce Lane Farms.

Before we left, some very close friends of ours rented the upstairs of our house (there is the main living area along with a basement apartment). About a week before the move, these friends convinced our other friends across the street, Klint and Kyle, that we should all get chickens and put them in their backyard because Josh is vehemently against chickens in ours. They were duped graciously agreed and from that moment on the two houses were called Joyce Lane Farms because apparently you only need a few chickens to constitute being called a farm.

Fast forward to now. So, the girls are actually staying in the house and we are moving into the basement apartment. Some more friends of ours moved in down the street increasing the population to eight. We also now have bees and a pretty legit gardening situation going on. It’s starting to feel like a hippie commune/farm which is basically my dream in life.

In short, we don’t have jobs or concrete plans – but we have friends and chickens and bees and lots of dogs (Whitt, Winston, Captain, Dale, Wanda, and Dave to be exact). If you’re in Nashville, stop by and say hello!

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