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Meet Joyce Lane Farms Pt. 2

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Once upon a time, we moved into a little house on Joyce Lane. We were happy there but a bit lonely. One day, being my nosy curious self, I noticed the coroner’s van pulling in the driveway across the street (didn’t see that coming did you). It turns out that our neighbor had passed away. We’d never met him because he was sort of paranoid (more about that in a minute). The house went up for sale and not long after came new neighbors. Again, I was so nosy kind that I thought we should go over and meet our new neighbors.

I actually didn’t get to meet the neighbors that night, but I did met their mom who was helping them move in. Her name was Jeana and she got my phone number in case her boys (who were moving in) needed anything. The next day, I did meet “the boys.” Klint and Kyle were brothers from Texas and if there’s such a thing as neighbor soul mates – the Stallons Brothers were that for us.

Within the week, we had an awesome party that involved lots of coming and going between our houses to see the multiple panic rooms and storm shelters installed by the previous owner (remember the paranoia) and we ended the night street luging down Joyce Lane.

It was neighbor-love at first party and has been that way ever since. Until Klint decided to move back to Texas AND take my his dog Dale and break all of our hearts. Kyle is still with us so….whatever KLINT. We still consider him a founding JLF member though so here it goes…

Everything You Need To Know About the Stallons Brothers

What You Need To Know About Kyle:


Kyle was unequivocally the cutest child ever. He grew up to be pretty cute too…


Before he kills me, let me post a real picture…


Kyle is a great neighbor to have – the kind that tells you where his spare key is and doesn’t get mad when you use that knowledge to have dance parties in his basement. He hosts the poultry division of Joyce Lane Farms and runs Joyce Lane Farms Studios because he is a musician and songwriter (betcha didn’t know there was a STUDIO on Joyce Lane Farms). He is a really, really good musician and you should check him out. He and Klint used to play downtown on Sundays before Klint killed our JLF happiness by moving.


Kyle is also a really great whistler and dancer. Seriously, you NEVER knew a good ‘ol former high school football MVP from Texas could dance like this. Also, Captain refers to him as Uncle Kyle.

What you need to know about Klint:

Klint moved back to Texas and took Dale and I’ll never forgive him for it.


He sort of looks like American Jesus in that picture. Right?

Klint is was an integral part of the poultry division of JLF. When we wanted chickens, Klint was pretty easily convinced this was a good idea and let us use his yard. He was also a really valuable tomato farmer. Last year, he grew approximately 5billion tomatoes with little to no effort while our side of Joyce Lane grew like three. We burned with jealous rage but didn’t hesitate to eat all the tomatoes while he was on tour. Speaking of touring, Klint plays the fiddle (which also makes me jealous).  Hearing Klint play “Calling Baton Rouge” at Second Fiddle was a weekly highlight of mine but that joy is dead…..Thanks, Klint.


So that’s the Stallons Brothers in a nutshell.


Tune in next time for information on the Saunders Satellite Ranch.

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