The Tinii

It's plural for Tinius, because we said so.

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What happened to The Tinii?

Long story short, we are still at Joyce Lane Farms, alive and well.

We are still in a neighborhood of friends, milking Margot, collecting eggs, traveling, and doing life. JLF has an AirBnb now since Casey & Savannah found a new, amazing place thanks to realtor- extroadinairre, Josh.

I logged into this blog the other day (after stalking some other blogs) and realized people are still coming across it strangely enough. I’m sure it’s people who are either doing the hike in Haiti or googled a random boat question.

As annoying as blogs can be, I have a soft spot in my heart for them. Not always the fancy-pants, bougie blogs, but the ones that show you step-by-step photos of how to clean an Atomic 4 carb. When we bought the sailboat, I lived and breathed those blogs. Real life stories that showed the sunset cocktails on the water, but also the flipside of the same coin. They were a lifeline.

We aren’t buying another boat, but I’ve been living and breathing another kind of blog for years as well now. Even before the boat, I was wrapping myself up in the lives of adoptive families knowing that would be a road we walked down at some point. Well, some point has become right now.

We spent much longer than necessary filling out mounds of forms, learning to fold fitted sheets for our homestudy (which was completely unnecessary), and fighting with Williamson County, Tennessee over paperwork. Now (no thanks to Williamson Co.) all of that paperwork is halfway around the world in Burundi. We are approved for 2 kids between the ages of 0-5 and have NO IDEA who they are or when we will bring them home. It could be 6 months, it could be 5 years. It could be one kid, it could be two. It could be twins or boys or girls or both. We are living in a world of unknowns but we’re excited about this next adventure.

Thus, this blog is getting a bit of a new lease on life. I’ve taken a lot of information and advice from the blog world, and while The Tinii are neither bougie nor fancy, hopefully, if the right person happens to land here, we can give back a tiny bit of insight. If not, may you at least be entertained.